The Lies of the Monolith

The Monolith Lies

It promises to take care of us
To hide away complexities
To raise our mental models
To give us the bliss of abstraction

During the honeymoon, the Monolith fulfills
All of our needs, we are freed to create
And though we notice its quirks
We ignore them for the gains of ‘productivity’

And so we trust the Monolith
And therein lies our mistake
We become addicted to its magic
And then slaves to its abstractions

Problems arise as needs change
The Monolith’s security becomes a prison
With Stockholm syndrome, we coax and code
After countless patches, the Monolith's corrupt

Entrenched, we must break free
The water’s boiling, jump or die
The will to succeed breaks the spell
And with heavy hearts, we tear it down

From the rubble, we pull pieces
And reshape them to be independent
With well defined interfaces
And rediscover the beauty in simplicity

The monolith is not malevolent
It is simply unaware of its own existence
It promises to do the impossible
To raise abstraction while filling every niche

Like an engineer who yearns for work/life balance
It lies to itself, its creators, and its users
And until we learn to mistrust the Monolith
We can never truly be ‘free’